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David Rehkamp is a Berlin based design director and consultant. Currently leading design @ Berylls Digital.
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My favorite thing in the world is to build great products with nice people.

I conceptualize, design, and launch your digital products alongside your team. Plus, I am known for being quite enjoyable to work with. Check out some clients I have collaborated with over the past decade.

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Berylls Digital


Berylls Digital is the digital division of the Berylls Group. We understand that the traditional automotive industry is facing significant pressure to adapt. At Berylls Digital, we work hand in hand with our clients to transform ideas into concepts and scale concepts into practical real-world solutions. In my role, I ensure that user needs are met, stakeholders are kept in the loop, and teams have all they need to be effective. During my time, we have launched multiple concepts for various OEMs, as well as a handful of top-tier suppliers. Furthermore, we successfully launched elyvate, our digital task force solution, custom-built for the automotive industry.

Automotive Consultancy

Design Director, Germany


2023 — 2021

willhaben Wohnkredite


At willhaben Wohnkredite, our mission is to make home financing a reality! We collaborate with our customers to determine the optimal financing solution and handle all the necessary formalities. I joined willhaben Wohnkredite in early 2021 and had the opportunity to work with a fantastic team who shares a common vision. Together, we have built one of Austria's most successful mortgage companies from the ground up. We continuously learn from our users and adapt the design as we go along.

Mortgage Platform

Design Consultantant, Austria


2022 — 2021

Signal Iduna


Signal Iduana is a leading provider of insurance and financial services in Germany. In 2020, the company initiated a significant transformation process and formed multiple multidisciplinary teams. I joined the team responsible for Signal Iduna Gesundheitswelt, which focuses on third-party healthcare providers. Working together with the team, we updated their portfolio, redesigned their website, and aligned on their vision and goals. In the past few months, we started a large program focused on sugar-related chronic diseases.

Private Insurance

Design Consultantant, Germany



Siemens Healthineers


When it comes to our health, doctors worldwide rely on Siemens Healthineers to make the best possible decisions. By constantly introducing breakthrough innovations to the market, Healthineers enable healthcare professionals to deliver high-quality care, resulting in the best possible outcomes for patients. During my time at Siemens Healthineers, I supported the design system department in extending and updating their system called Shui. Shui is a system for digital experiences and products, which includes user interfaces embedded into hardware products.

Global Medtech Provider

Design Consultant, Remote

Full time

2021 — 2020



Edenspiekermann is a global and independent design consultancy with over 90 designers and strategists and developer around the globe. As a Design Director for the Berlin office, my focus was on healthcare and finance accounts, including Helios Gesundheit, Sonova Holding, and HUK24 Insurance. I led each client project with cross-functional teams consisting of designers, developers, and strategists. Together, we launched several product builds as well as advertising campaigns.

Design Consultancy

Design Director, Germany

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